Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kulture Kill

Kulture Kill is freaking amazing. They are a Hard Rock/Metal band from North Louisiana.
This is a well polished band. Everything from their website, pictures, logo, and music is done extremely well. The band consists of the following:
Karson - Vocals
Tom Mayham - Guitar
Dee Everette - Drums
Jayden Alexander - Guitar
James Hellfyre - Bass

They all come together to form Kulture Kill. They have a new album called "Bent".
When I first started listening to the song "Bent", I was instantly drawn in. The songs are well produced and mixed. The drums rock, and guitars are on point. Karson's vocals are raw and hardcore.
If you are a Metal head, you will love them.  Plus, they have a kick ass band name!
For more info visit their website at

Friday, January 10, 2014

Greg Machado - Night To Remember

Greg Machado is dope! That is the best way to put it. He is a polished artist who has a fantastic voice. His song "Night To Remember", is a radio hit that is upbeat, and well produced. He is the type of artist that ladies will love, and the guys want to be. Good-looking, amazing voice, great style, he is the complete package. Signed to 2Hot Entertainment, he is the someone to discover now.
You cannot deny talent like this. The first thing I wanted to hear him on is a slower ballad song.
On the 2Hot Entertainment site, there are a couple slower songs and a few covers that he sings very well. Check out the website at

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Honey & The 45's

I must say that I was extremely impressed with my first listen of Honey & The 45's. Their style is a mix of Blues, Jazz, Rock, and pure talent. The group consists of Jon Gould (Guitar), Kim Kozel (Sax, violin, vocals), Sean Tatum (Bass), Jarad Kleinstein (Drums), and the amazing Kristina Cottone (Lead vocals, guitar). This is the most well polished band I have heard in a long time.
Their song "The Need", is a head bopping gem. Not only is the guitar work solid, but the lead vocals are not only sexy, they are sung to perfection. I love songs like this. Catchy, fun, and sultry.
You cannot deny the talent this group has. You can listen for their music at
Also, look out for an interview soon. For more info visit

Sunday, November 3, 2013

House Is Out - I'm Yours

 House Is Out is a wonderful band out of sunny Florida. Their song "I'm Yours", is currently on the playlist at radio. The song is well done. Solid guitar, great vocals by Rosa, and the mix is just right. I played it for my wife and she listened to it a few more times throughout the rest of the day. Rockabilly music has never sounded any sweeter. There will also be an interview with them on the site as well. Look out for it!
For more information visit

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stuart - Anarchy

 Alternative Rock artist
Straight out of Portland, Oregon is the very talented Alternative artist Stuart. I love his style of music.
His new song "Anarchy", is a very well produced piece of work. I absolutely love the first 20 seconds or so of the song before all of the music and vocals kick in. Stuart is a well polished artist. His vocals are unique. This is the type of song you just put your headphones on and zone out.
The production is well done and the song is mixed and mastered to perfection.
To hear more of his music visit

Thursday, June 27, 2013

S Steve Dounis

S Steve Dounis is a very talented musician. His music is soothing, relaxing, and makes you want to zone out. It is the perfect music to pour a glass of wine and relax. This man not only writes, and composes, he also plays multiple instruments. It is refreshing music.
You can listen for his music at radio.
For more info on him visit

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Suzanne Watson

Suzanne Watson is a wonderful Country artist from Texas. She is a well polished artist with a unique voice that stands out so well along her well produced tracks. You can hear her song "Start Thinkin' Like A Guy",  at music network. It is a wonderful song. Her website is pretty amazing too. Check it out at It is well put together with music, pictures, videos, and more. If you love good music, you will love Suzanne!