Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sam Hankins - Nothing Between Us

Sam Hankins is an amazing Jazz musician. He is superb on the trumpet and it shows in his new song "Nothing Between Us". He plays over a smooth drum track and Jazzy chords. His trumpet playing sounds like the lead vocals of the song. It is truly amazing to hear because you can kinda picture in your mind what his trumpet is saying. It is refreshing to hear music like this. Besides being a solo Jazz artist, Sam is accomplished in many other areas of music. You can read more about him on his website at, you will be impressed for sure!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Kevin Riley - In Awe Of You

Kevin Riley is a Christian artist, his new single "In Awe Of You", is a beautiful song and video dedicated to Military Soldiers. The songs music is well produced and Kevin's vocals fit in perfectly.
Just from listening to his music, you can tell he is a passionate man with his music and his worship of God. He is a Pastor, musician, writer and more.  An all around genuine man that is eager to spread the word to anyone who welcomes him. It is refreshing to hear this kind of music. Christian music is a growing genre that is getting more and more popular. Kevin Riley stands out as a winner!
Watch the video for "In Awe Of You" at his website at

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Country artist "Link"

Jason Link is an extremely talented musician and Country recording artist. Also, let's face it, he goes by the name "Link", which sounds pretty kick ass. He is polished, professional, and basically the whole package that any record label dreams of. His new single "The One" is a beautiful, mid-tempo, love song that you can zone out to on a lonely rainy day. He has a wonderful voice and he makes music that anyone can relate to. For more info visit his website at

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kulture Kill

Kulture Kill is freaking amazing. They are a Hard Rock/Metal band from North Louisiana.
This is a well polished band. Everything from their website, pictures, logo, and music is done extremely well. The band consists of the following:
Karson - Vocals
Tom Mayham - Guitar
Dee Everette - Drums
Jayden Alexander - Guitar
James Hellfyre - Bass

They all come together to form Kulture Kill. They have a new album called "Bent".
When I first started listening to the song "Bent", I was instantly drawn in. The songs are well produced and mixed. The drums rock, and guitars are on point. Karson's vocals are raw and hardcore.
If you are a Metal head, you will love them.  Plus, they have a kick ass band name!
For more info visit their website at

Friday, January 10, 2014

Greg Machado - Night To Remember

Greg Machado is dope! That is the best way to put it. He is a polished artist who has a fantastic voice. His song "Night To Remember", is a radio hit that is upbeat, and well produced. He is the type of artist that ladies will love, and the guys want to be. Good-looking, amazing voice, great style, he is the complete package. Signed to 2Hot Entertainment, he is the someone to discover now.
You cannot deny talent like this. The first thing I wanted to hear him on is a slower ballad song.
On the 2Hot Entertainment site, there are a couple slower songs and a few covers that he sings very well. Check out the website at

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Honey & The 45's

I must say that I was extremely impressed with my first listen of Honey & The 45's. Their style is a mix of Blues, Jazz, Rock, and pure talent. The group consists of Jon Gould (Guitar), Kim Kozel (Sax, violin, vocals), Sean Tatum (Bass), Jarad Kleinstein (Drums), and the amazing Kristina Cottone (Lead vocals, guitar). This is the most well polished band I have heard in a long time.
Their song "The Need", is a head bopping gem. Not only is the guitar work solid, but the lead vocals are not only sexy, they are sung to perfection. I love songs like this. Catchy, fun, and sultry.
You cannot deny the talent this group has. You can listen for their music at
Also, look out for an interview soon. For more info visit

Sunday, November 3, 2013

House Is Out - I'm Yours

 House Is Out is a wonderful band out of sunny Florida. Their song "I'm Yours", is currently on the playlist at radio. The song is well done. Solid guitar, great vocals by Rosa, and the mix is just right. I played it for my wife and she listened to it a few more times throughout the rest of the day. Rockabilly music has never sounded any sweeter. There will also be an interview with them on the site as well. Look out for it!
For more information visit